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Level 1 Training: Cancer Prevention Coach

The knowledge and wisdom gained in this course has tremendous value for all health practitioners today, and any individuals with the passionate desire to understand the root cause of cancer and how to prevent it, for themselves, their family, clients, and humanity. Nurses, oncologists, naturalpaths, doctors, personal trainers, holistic health coaches, stay-at-home mothers, and many others have taken this training.

With your certification you will be able to confidently teach others, in a single session, a deep understanding of the root cause of cancer, and how to prevent cancer. You will also gain tools for helping guide individuals through the change process of healing, whenever life or relationships get too stressful. This is how cancer is prevented.

You will learn the Root Cause of Cancer for each part of the body.

You will also learn Paul's 15-step Real Self Emotional Healing Process, which is an advanced life-navigation tool and emotional healing process that you can utilize in your services as a health practitioner of any kind, and benefitting from yourself - you will have this tool at your disposal for the rest of your life.

You can integrate the knowledge and tools gained in this course (about mind, emotions, and spiritual components of health) into any health service you offer, making your skillset greater and more beneficial for your clients.

Paul takes care with every student to ensure they understand all course material - this course is not for 'memorization', but deep understanding and embodiment.

Everyone passes this course because Paul makes sure he goes through each students exam carefully with them, to make sure they have gained all the knowledge.

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