• "The best book I have ever read on cancer, causes and cures."

    Paul Chek
    founder of the CHEK Institute

  • "Any client with cancer is encouraged to read Paul's Book. It is without a doubt one of the best books ever written on the subject."

    Jason Christoff
    Self sabotage expert

  • "This book has been exhaustively researched and the references are from both holistic and sientific medical literature - a rare cobination."

    Robert Sleightholm

  • "The wheels in my brain are turning non-stop since I read your book. My cancer makes so much sense to me now!"


  • "I couldn't put it down. The amazing way you write got through and registerterd on a level I could not get to before. I have never felt more empowerd over my own body and health. I cannot wait for book 2&3."


  • "This is one of the most important books a person could ever read. Like everyone else I just assumed that cancer was some foreign thing designed to kill me. But after reading this book I don't know how that can be possible. There is so much research out there supporting the authors argument that it's amazing that is has been overlooked by the medical community."

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About The Author

Paul Leendertse is the Pioneer and Author of 'The Root Cause of Cancer'. 

He has over 10 years of rare experience working with clients facing severe health challenges (often stage 3 or 4 cancer). By living with individuals with Cancer for 3 weeks at a time, investigating their lives, childhoods, and habits, Paul discovered the root cause of cancer and how to reverse it. The Root Cause is a psycho-emotional stress complex, that needs to be identified and resolved to heal.

Paul now offers online coaching where he can often get to the root cause of his clients cancer in one coaching session, and begins resolving it with them. Clients often experience significant improvement of symptoms in their first session, and full cancer reversal through Pauls Mentorship Program.

Paul is now bringing his knowledge of the Root Cause of Cancer to the world via his courses. To learn Paul's methods of Cancer Prevention & Reversal, including his 15-step Real Self Emotional Healing Process, sign up for Cancer Prevention Coach.