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Root Cause Resolution Mentorship

4 Sessions with Paul (each 2+ hours)

Sessions are potent:

-Get to the Root Cause of Cancer, or any health or life challenge in just one session. Begin moving in the direction of resolution and healing immediately.

-Paul takes his time with each client, until the session has come to its natural end point, to make sure you are benefitted fully.

-During your Mentorship you will schedule one session at a time, as needed. You might use all 4 of your sessions in a month, or you may spread them out further.

Your self-healing process will include:

  • Advanced lifestyle principles and practices.
  • Identifying the root cause of your cancer or other health challenge.
  • Emotional healing of the present and past.
  • Guidance through the growing process of healing and life transformation.
  • Gain tools for life for resolving challenges on your own moving forward.

Your Root Cause Resolution Mentorship will be conducted via zoom

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