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  • Spiritual Laws for Suriving and Thriving in Times of Crisis - 3 Hour Course

    Learn the Spiritual Laws that will help you survive and thrive through times of crisis.

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  • Level 1 Cancer Prevention Coach: 25 Hour Training with Certification

    Learn the psycho-emotional (stress) Root Cause of Cancer (in each region of the body), along with Paul's 15 Step Real Self Emotional Healing Process.

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  • Level 2 Cancer Reversal Coach: 25 Hour Training with Certification

    Learn how understanding GOD is critical for healing, learn Paul's Soul Retrieval Process, and the 7 Initiations of Consciousness.

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Since the beginning of 2O2O, I've been getting happier, healthier, and more
successful. I look forward to the future more now than ever.

The relationships I have now compared to then, are more harmonious.

My energy has risen, and so has my creative output.

I could go on, but what this course is about is sharing with you deep
wisdom about how I've made this happen usuing Spiritual Law, so that you
can apply this knowledge to your own life - and take more control of
your future.

These laws are critical to know, to navigate life and it’s inherent challenges - especially in times of crisis.
In this course, I'll be teaching practiced and tested Spiritual Laws I've been trusting and utilizing for a long time, which I know you can Trust too.

For over 17 years, I have been a life coach, helping individuals resolve significant health and life challenges - often near death experiences. I have come to understand the depths of many Spiritual Laws that are part of our Human Journey.

These Spiritual Laws, along with my personal revelations and understanding of God/Creation/Source, are the basis of the rules I follow to grow throughout life, and transcend times of crisis.

I have no fear today, despite all the many obvious sources of darkness which are at play in the world today. I am actually excited about the future!

Learn how to make Spiritual Plan, and how the Laws of God work.

This course will be life changing, and is one of my most affordable courses.

Sign up today, to gain deep wisdom with me in this live, recorded course, which you can watch whenever you need to, as a reminder or for review, to keep your 'torch lit'!

Level 1 Training: Cancer Prevention Coach

  • Day 1 - Introduction

    Paul will open the space for the course and connect with the students. Everyone is encouraged to share their motivation for taking this course, any previous experiences with cancer personally or in lives of others close to them.

    To establish personal connection with each student and create a feeling of cummunity, this day requires attendance. If for any reason you cannot attend, please email, and we will get in touch with you to find a solution.

    Class length: 2 hours

  • Day 2

    -The characteristics of a cancer-free world (a healed humanity)
    -The characteristics of a healed individual (immune to cancer)
    -The human journey from childhood to Spiritual Adulthood
    -The False-Self (unhealed ego) and the Real-Self (healed ego)

    *Live attendance not required, but highly encouraged. Class Recording will be sent via email

    Class length: 3 hours

  • Day 3

    - How to meditate for Spiritual Growth and Evolution of Consciousness
    -Understanding the Stress Response: Fight, Flight and Freeze

    -Why and when the Stress Response triggers cancer cell growth

    -Why genetics are not the cause of cancer

    -and much more

    *Live attendance not required, but highly encouraged. Class Recording will be sent via email

    Class length: 3 hours

  • Day 4

    -The Root Cause of Cancer in different sections of the body (covering all main cancers)
    -Case Histories of Clients Paul has worked with over the past 10 years.

    *Live attendance not required, but highly encouraged. Class Recording will be sent via email

    Class length: 3 hours

  • Day 5

    -The two necessities for preventing cancer + the special factor
    -How to become a successful & truly helpful coach, or increase your coaching skills if you are already coaching clients.
    -Marketing with integrity for building a successful business.
    -How to connect with and be of help to friends and family with cancer

    *Live attendance not required, but highly encouraged. Class Recording will be sent via email

    Class length: 3 hours

  • Day 6

    -Learning and understanding the Real Self Emotional Healing Process (this is the process that Paul has developed from 10 years of experience working 1:1 in intimate settings with cancer clients)

    *Live attendance not required, but highly encouraged. Class Recording will be sent via email

    Class length: 3 hours

  • EXAM - 2 Weeks to Write Your Exam

    Exam consists of:

    -Multiple choice

    -Two written answers

    -Applying the 15 Step Real Self Emotional Healing Process to any personal life challenge that feels unresolved for you.

  • Paul Reviews Your Exam Privately

    Paul reviews your exam, giving you feedback for all of your answers. He also goes through your 15 Step Process with you to ensure you understand the training.

    Everyone passes the exam, once Paul feels confident you've learned and understood all of the training.

  • Day 7 Exam Review

    -Paul reviews exams openly, discussing different answers to questions on the exam.

    -Q&A for clarity wherever it may be needed.

    *Live attendance IS required if you did not recieve 100% on your exam. Recording will be sent via email

    Class length: 2-3 hours

  • Course Resources

    After you receive your certification, you will also recieve access to additional marketing and business-building resource videos:

    -How to Coach clients in a session

    -How to market yourself and help clients find you.

    -How to build a successful business

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The knowledge and wisdom gained in this course is of critical value to health practitioners today, and individuals who want to understand the Root Cause of Cancer and know how to prevent it for themselves and their family. We have had nurses, oncologists, naturalpaths, doctors, personal trainers, holistic health coaches, and stay-at-home mothers take this course.

Course Overview:
1. The Root Cause of Cancer: what cancer is and why it can grow in our body.
2. What's needed to live a cancer free life.
3. The root cause of cancer in different parts of the body.
4. How to become a successful and truly helpful coach.
5. The 15 Step Real-Self Emotional Healing Process.
6. How to coach others and be of help to friends and family with cancer.
7. Marketing with integrity for building a successful business.

With this certification you will be able to teach people in a single session, a deep understanding of the cause of cancer, providing the knowledge & awareness needed for the prevention of cancer. You will also be able to guide others effectively through the growth process of healing, helping free them from life or relationship challenges, and release and process stored emotions.

At the core of this course is Paul's 15-step Real Self Emotional Healing Process, which is an advanced life navigation tool and emotional healing process. You can not only teach clients and loved ones these tools, but benefit from them personally for the rest of your life. This is a tool you will forever have at your disposal.

You can also integrate the knowledge gained about the mind, emotions, and spiritual components of health and life, into any health service you offer, making your skillset greater and more beneficial for your clients.

This course information is not for 'memorization', but deep embodiment. Paul ensures everyone learned the material deeply.

Check our calendar below to sign up for the next training!

NOTE: All classes are RECORDED in case your time zone, work schedule or other factors cause you to miss part or all of any class.

  • This course has been such a blessing! I am so happy I listend to my heart!

    Thank you for the gift of healing that you are not only giving to us, but allowing us to give to others.

    Vanessa Burgess

  • The insights and personal experiences you shared were immensely valuable. And most importantly your present moment engagement with the group was fantastic!!! I found myself looking forward to each day. Many blessings to you for sharing your life changing work!!!
    Angela Gordyn

  • This course was - incredible!! Thank you so much for bringing this to us and to the world!!

    Lindsay Morrison

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Cancer Reversal Coach Outline

Now that you understand the Root Cause of Cancer, along with the 15 Step Emotional Healing Process, you can expand your skills and knowledge into advanced territories.

We dive into powerful tools for helping clients reverse cancer and any other pyscho-somatic disease:

Learning Overview:

-Soul Retrieval for Childhood Healing and Cancer Reversal
-Recorded examples of Paul Coaching Clients in real time (privacy maintained)
-What GOD, God, and god is
-How to Meditate for Cancer Reversal-How to co-create with 'Source / God' to reverse Cancer-
The 12 most critically important factors for reversing cancer
-Spiritual Initiations and stages of consciousness development and how they are related to reversing cancer -Life inventory healing

  • Day 1

    Understanding God - How to work with God to heal. Learn how one of our deepest subconscious programs that influences our clients (and our own) lives, and whether or not a person will heal, has to do with their belief about God and their relationship with Creation.  

    How to Pray Effectively - How real prayer is essential for the reversal of cancer

    Art, Music and Dance Therapy- you will learn and complete three therapy processes (art, music and dance) to learn why and how art, music and dance can be an essential part of someones healing process and learn the application of these powerful tools.

    Class length: 3 hours

  • Day 2

    Spiritual Initiations and The 7 Levels of Consciousness - Learn how to identify the exact initiation your client is facing (and the initiations you may face in your life)and learn how to work with and through them to reach Spiritual Adulthood (which protects us from cancer or any disease).

    Class length: 3 hours

  • Day 3

    Life Inventory Healing Process - A process you will complete in the course and learn how to use for helping clients carry out complete life healing of all past trauma’s or unresolved life-challenges.

    How to Identify the Root Cause of your clients cancer - you will learn Pauls method for tracking the Root Cause.

    How to Coach Your Client - coaching tips for working with clients where they are at, and guiding them to their goals.

    How to Eliminate Pain and drugs - learn how to help your clients understanding pain, and reduce and eliminate it, with specific techniques that work- without side effects.

    Childhood and Pet Cancer - Paul will share with you how to heal pets and children, and why pets and children can develop cancer (special stories to share).

    Class length: 3 hours

  • Day 4

    The 12 Step Cancer Reversal Process -A step by step process to take your clients through, to reverse cancer. With each step that is completed, they come closer to full cancer reversal.

    Case Histories of clients
    - clients who healed, and clients who did not heal and why. These case histories will help you and your clients succeed,and avoid the potential pitfalls for healing which are common blocks to healing.

    Class length: 3 hours

  • Day 5

    The Soul Retrieval Process - for healing of the far and recent past, including all the way back to childhood. One soul-retreival session has the power to reverse cancer.

    Several Recorded Sessions of Paul working with clients in real-life, demonstrating the Soul Retrieval Process in action to help you acquire this skill (privacy honoured, and maintained)

    Class length: 3 hours

  • Exam - You Will Have 2 Weeks to Write Your Exam

    Exam Includes:

    -multiple choice

    -written answers

    -soul retrieval process with another student, volunteer, friend, or client. Please record your session, as this will need to be submitted for Paul to review. **Note: zoom can be set up to automatically record, so that you remember to record your session.

  • Paul Reviews Your Exam

    Paul will review your exam privately, and give you feeback, ensuring you have acquired the skill of Soul Retrieval.

  • Day 6 - Exam Review Day (held weeks later)

    -Paul reviews exams openly, discussing different answers to questions on the exam.

    -Q&A for clarity wherever it may be needed.

    Class length: 2-3 hours

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Course Dates:

January 9 -13, 2023
Next Class Begins on January 9th and continues for 5 consecutive days until January 13th

Each class is from 2pm to 5pm CST every day.

Exam Due Date: Sunday, Jan 29th

Exam Review Class: Sunday Feb 12th, at 2pm CST
Once your exam is reviewed you will receive your certification as Cancer Reversal Coach.