4 Sessions with Paul (each 2+ hours)

Sessions are potent:

-Get to the Root Cause of Cancer, or any health or life challenge in just one session. Begin moving in the direction of resolution and healing immediately.

-Paul takes his time with each client, until the session has come to its
natural end point, to make sure you are benefitted fully.

-During your Mentorship you will schedule one session at a time, as needed. You
might use all 4 of your sessions in a month, or you may spread them out

Your self-healing process will include:

  • The Most Advanced lifestyle principles and practices for supporting the body's ability to heal.
  • Identifying the root cause of your cancer or other health challenge.
  • Emotional healing of the present and past.
  • Guidance through the growing process of healing and life transformation.
  • Gain tools for life for resolving challenges on your own moving forward.

Your Mentorship will be conducted via zoom.

Start Today

Begin your healing process right now.

After you purchase your Root Cause Resolution Mentorship, you will recieve a link to Paul's Calendar, to schedule your first session (identifying the root cause).

You will then continue to book your proceeding sessions at a natural pace, as you are ready to learn and integrate more, while you take control of your health, and proceed through your positive life change and healing process.

Purchase $3000 US